Ctra. N-340, Km 1049 – Pol. Ind. Parcela 6 – B, Nave 1-3 12.500 Vinarós ( Castellón)
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History and Philosophy

COARVI is a direct descendant of those noble adventurers that always finalized successfully the fishing days thanks to their effort and determination.Recalling the endearing salting aroma and the dry fish hangingin the ships, nowadays, COARVI follows the same philosophy of effort and good work.

The company was founded in 1994 by Tomás Gilabert, descendant of the first generations of local sailors from Vinaròs zone. COARVI is the result of passion and tradition of both the fishermen and the artisans who have been working on the product since 1929.

Experience has always been our added value together with the quality of our product. That has allowed us over the years to offer exclusive products -with an exceptional flavour- that are loved by anyone who tastes them. Our company vision, that means, our goal, is continue progressing and offer to the customer the best salted fish products that he or she has ever tasted.